employers Allowance

In 2015 you could claim £2000 against employers NI, in 2016 this is increasing to £3000. Are you claiming it? if you need any help please give us a call.

HMRC Enquiries.

These investigations are probably every business persons worst nightmare.

People might call you paranoid when you complain that the Taxman/Vatman is out to get you BUT, being paranoid doesn’t mean you are wrong.

You can be certain that both the Taxman and the Vatman know every trick in the book and we can tell you for certain that they are very clever at what they do especially with their extremely tenacious interview techniques.

Should you fall victim to an investigation (whether it be random or otherwise) we are able to undertake representation on your behalf. We have specialists in the field of investigations who, time and time again, keep the proverbial wolf away from your door. Investigations can often lead to huge tax demands as HM Revenue & Customs have wide ranging powers to adjust not only the trading period they are investigating but also any previous or forthcoming trading periods in a like manner. It is essential, therefore, that any person being investigated obtains the best possible representation to ensure that the investigation has the least possible impact on both your business and your wallet.

Crucially, most investigations rely heavily on information gathered during a face-to-face meeting. The authorities are very adept with their interview techniques and they can be entitled to rely on answers you give in a face-to-face meeting at a later stage almost always with damaging consequences.

There can be an enormous benefit to avoiding such meetings and, as such, we handle investigations by correspondence to ensure that you do not get tripped up by answering a question incorrectly on the spur of a moment. It is very important to be able to study and understand all of the questions being asked before any of them are answered. By doing so we can avoid pit falls and traps.

We truly believe that our expert services in the field of investigations, coupled with our extremely competitive rates, mean that you probably wont find better representation anywhere else in the country.

Abacus, UK, North Wales p45

If you are an Employer and you have someone leave your payroll. You must issue them with a P45.

This shows the new employer their total wages and tax paid to date.

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